Colored filaments project

I am going to have a series of posts about a project I am currently working on. The point of the project is to allow someone to change the color of their 3d printer filament on the fly. So far I have done some tests with different colors of sharpies. This isn’t a new idea in the 3d printing world. Filament Colorizer¬†for example dates back to september of 2011. I plan on taking this idea one step further. The first part involves testing, testing, and more testing. Early last year I began testing the idea by applying a mixture of Rit Dye with acetone to apply to abs filament. The idea was that the acetone would slightly melt the outer layer of the filament and fuse the dye with the abs filament. It did work, but because it would enter the extruder right after this, I decided to abandon this idea for now. Lately I have been doing more testing by coloring the filament with different color sharpies, and also testing how the colors mix within the hotend of the extruder. Here are some pictures of some of my tests. I will continue to post updates on a fairly regular basis as this project grows.