My 3d Printer “Haqbot” : Part 2

Now that I have my printer working well, I have started to print it some upgrades to finalize the design to make it more rugged and reliable.  I decided to name my printer “Haqbot” (HackBot) , since my alias is “Haqnmaq” (Hack and Make). I am also now at the stage where I am making the printer look nice. I have added plexiglass sides to the printer, and I am getting the front plate laser cut. I painted a black border around the plexiglass to give it a nice look, instead of just looking at the wiring and extruded aluminum. I also made a plate on the z axis that has the name “HAQBOT’, and it is lit from behind with some RGB leds. I am also doing the same thing on the front panel.


Here I tried spray painting the acrylic pieces, but the solvents in the paint melted the acrylic panels. I eventually got new plexiglass, and painted it with latex paint instead.


Here it is with the sides on. It turned out very nice!


Here is an upgrade to the z-axis that I printed off, because my old one flexed quite easily. BTW This print took 8 hours!!!


Here is the front plate with “HAQBOT” backlit by some RGB leds. I have 3 switches to control the colors underneath the heated bed, so i’m not just limited to green.



Here is an upgrade to the y axis that I just printed off. It has spread apart the X-axis rails to help with the mounting of the extruder.


This is just a photo of it printing off a scan of my head. I am still using the old X and Y axis here.


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